We have been implementing our COVID prevention health and safety protocols since our return to in-person learning on June 7, 2020.

Approaches and Activities

Knowledge through Discovery!

Discovery is the main focus of our approach at Jardín de Mariposas. Our goal is to provide our students with the most intriguing natural environments that ignite their innate curiosity, guide them to discovery and create lifelong learners. Our beautiful campus provides us with dedicated outdoor classrooms and playground, grass fields for running, outdoor theater for the arts, and newly expanded vegetable garden and orchard for planting and harvesting.

JDM Science

Jardin de Mariposas has a curriculum focused on the natural and physical sciences. We specialize in creating science-driven activities and environments that inspire children to explore, touch, observe, discover, question, build, create, and challenge their understanding of the world.

JDM Music Program

Music is created and used as a learning tool each day at Jardín de Mariposas and when we were presented with an opportunity to have a leading bilingual music teacher join us we said, que sí! Every Friday our students enjoy the music class provided by Maestra Chaia, an experienced bilingual educator and musician well renowned in the Bay Area. Chaia has created various classes to teach young children music theory through songs and games. At JDM she utilizes many instruments to teach the children her large repertoire of Spanish songs and begin the journey to learn music theory.

JDM Animal Care

We incorporate animals into our everyday learning at JDM School. We currently have two hens, one rabbit, one bearded dragon, and one turtle that students feed and care for each day. Our students visit our vegetable garden to harvest food for our animals and learn how to care for other living creatures. These animals often serve as therapy animals for any child who is experiencing a challenging day and are always a source of joy and entertainment for the children.

JDM Garden Classroom

In 2020 JDM expanded our vegetable garden and created an 1800sq foot garden classroom for our community. The garden now includes an outdoor stage, grape covered house for gathering, story tree, chalkboard wall and over 25 fruit trees and vines. We are committed to an environmental education program for our students in hopes that they will be the future advocates for our planet. Children are caretakers of our garden, planting, weeding, watering and harvesting throughout the year.