Our Approach

At Jardin de Mariposas School:

  • We believe that education should be a process that occurs naturally through playing, exploring and hands-on experiences to create life-long learners.
  • We strive to provide a caring, positive energy and an environment that inspires teachers and children to play and learn without inhibition or hesitation.
  • We believe the school environment should beckon children to explore, discover, create, imagine, sing and dance.
  • We implement process based art and science which allows children to create, explore, and discover through intrinsic motivation and our natural instinct as human beings.
  • We believe language and literacy begins with our own voices and through poems, songs, oral histories and role playing.
  • We believe children grow socially through their own interactions with other children, through trial and error, and where friendship and empathy are modeled but never forced.
  • We respect children by listening when they talk, honoring their fears and feelings, offering more supplies when they need them, and standing back when they are discovering or trying to solve a problem.
  • We provide the opportunity for children to connect with nature through our extensive garden classroom, park days and field trip programs.
  • We nurture the whole child by providing them with organic, local snacks and limiting the use of toxins and chemicals in their environment.
  • We believe family and culture is the most important part of a child’s life and must be involved in the school community and celebrated often.
  • We believe that a bilingual education has a positive effect in cognitive development and intellectual growth and fosters cross-cultural understanding.